Jessy Howe was born in Switzerland and grew up in the South West of England. She speaks fluent German, English and French.

Her first inspiration in life was to join her granny Stephanie Kyle’s footsteps in show business. She was a Scottish musical and opera singer. Jessy’s Mom is a classical trained singer who influenced her in becoming a performing artist and taking up piano lessons at the age of eight. 

Jessy’s desire to express herself not only in words but also in melody, rhythm and on stage became her main focus. She has performed and toured in Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria and many other European Countries (Art On Ice, Montreux Jazz Festival, Live At Sunset). Performing also in October of 2019 two sold out shows as the lead female soloist at the renowned KKL in Luzern with “We Classic The Rock 2” Orchestra and Choir of 270 band members.

She is hired as a singer and songwriter for DJ’s and artists (Roger Martin, BLIGG, Polo Hofer, Steven Stone, Viktor Giacobbo, G-SAX, DJ Rolf Imhof, Happy Monday Band).

Her experience and professional attitude on stage as a performer and singer gave her the opportunity to form her own party band “Jessy Howe & Co” and her unplugged band “Jessy Howe & Soirée Jazz”.

Swiss star rapper BLIGG has featured Jessy on his single “I’d Kill For You” and hired her as a guest singer on his tours in 2012 and 2016.

In collaboration with guitarist/producer Chris Muzik, Jessy worked on original songs. The band “THE RAVENERS” released their first album “Ravenous” in Switzerland and Germany and their second album “Bad Lover Killer” in 2012. The band toured in Switzerland also performing throughout Germany. With five singles  including “You Gotta Swing”, “Boy You Wanna” and “Kill The Beast” are on radio airplay. 

In November 2019 the singer released a new single by Roger Martin (We Found Love) feat. Jessy Howe called “Lonely No More” (Sony Music). Giving this song her trademark soulful dark blues voice and lyrical talent.  

“Jessy Howe feat. Javier Vargas” was formed in 2020. Javier Vargas is the most acclaimed Spanish guitarist inside and outside his homeland. Eight platinum records, 21 albums released since 1991, countless international tours, collaborations with legendary artists such as Carlos Santana, Prince or Larry McCray … An impeccable and constant career endorse this musician both at the head of his “Vargas Blues Band”, as well as in other projects in which he participates. Their first single “Cry For Loving” came out in April. The second single “Bloody Rock&Roll” was released on June 5. Their third single “Shake Ur Money Maker” with the EP “Magic Waters” is available on all platforms since 19 June (Rock Estatal Records, Spain).  

Feeling the passion to pass on her knowledge as a singer, performer and songwriter Jessy enjoys giving private singing lessons and coaching students that want to improve their singing style, technique and quality of sound.