Sängerin Jessy Howe plus 3-5 Profi-Musiker: Live Partyband Tanzmusik, Hits, top of pops aus den Charts, Classics & Evergreens für Feste wie Geburtstage, Firmenanlässe, private Events, Hochzeiten, Show Act, Konzerte, Jubiläumsfeier, Gala Abend, Ball, Zunftanlässe.
Stil: Apéro, Chill, Jazz, Blues, Retro, Soul, Disco, Pop, Rock, Funk, R’n’B, Rock’n’Roll, Swing, House, Bossa Nova, Latin, Instrumentals.
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This cover band pride’s itself to rise and perform to any occasion, party, celebration, unplugged “apéro” and acoustic, formal reception, and client or VIP event. Enjoyment guaranteed!

With passion, drive and understanding of song „Jessy Howe & The Rhythm Cobras“ take their audience back to the roots of contemporary music. Groove & Retro is their credo. Every note is played live on real instruments. Amongst their carefully selected choice of songs are cover tunes of the early 30tis, 40tis, 50tis, 60tis or 70tis and of today’s popular retro, disco and house sounds.

„Jessy Howe & The Rhythm Cobras“ define their performance and music with key elements of soul, blues, funk, motown and jazz music. They play each tune in their own original style whilst using authentic arrangements and sounds. You will experience a drummer that understands the meaning of the phrase, a beat to the heart. A bass player complementing the beat with equivalent drive and groove. Keyboard sounds that will make you feel the funk. Crunchy rock riffs, blues notes and soulful guitar solos that reminds any listener of how much craftsmanship is required to achieve this kind of passion whilst playing a note.

However smart this combination of musicians may be it would not prove justice to this band without a lead singer such as Jessy Howe. She has sung for Bligg on his new single “I’d Kill For You”, performed at the “Art On Ice” show as a solo performer, has toured as guest singer with Polo Hofer and can be heard on Swiss radio stations with her band “The Raveners” who recently released their second album this year.

Jessy’s unique voice definitely does not agree with her angelic looks. You would believe a “darker” soul was in possession of such a lassie. Her desire to fill the gap between the audience and stage, her passion and feeling for music and not to mention Jessy’s emotional voice itself can sparkle up any event or party.

Expect to be entertained with an edge of rock ‘n’ roll and ravishingly excited by „Jessy Howe & The Rhythm Cobras“ with marvellous tunes that make you want to shake, dance, sing and dream along as well.