New single “Song For Us” out now! Written by Jessy Howe for a couple who wanted their own wedding anniversary present in form of a handmade song. “I am romantic and I believe in love and especially the love between a woman and a man. To see soulmates happy together makes me happy too. So I have started to write songs for couples. This one is called “Song For Us”. And to those who are going through rocky times. Play this song and dance together.. May it transform all your wounds, may the love help you create new energy and may your love and hearts grow stronger and fill you with even more joy!” A big thank you to fanta guitarist Chris Muzik ( for the wonderful production and mix!!! Thank you to my cousin Thomas Holyoak for designing the cover!! Also special thank you to Catherine J Campbell of CJC Promotions from Scotland for spreading the my new single on international and independent radio stations! Pay the amount you wish and I will send you the song as download. Thank you!:

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